20 Reasons You Should Hire a Doula

by Maria Pokluda, co-creator of Birth Boot Camp DOULA

1. The research says you should.

2. Your partner will be able to eat, grab a cup of coffee and go to the bathroom knowing that he is not leaving you alone.

3. A doula won’t leave at shift change….even if your labor progresses through more than one shift change.

4. Doulas know the “best” for all things pregnancy. Be it in the search for the perfect care provider or the perfect maternity bra…doulas know and will share their knowledge.

5. Doulas give good foot rubs during labor.

6. Doulas give good back rubs during labor.

7. Your doula works for YOU. Not the hospital and not your care provider.

8. When a couple has a doula, they have better breastfeeding success.

9. Labor hurts less when you have a doula.

10. Labor is often faster when you have a doula.

11. When you are approaching your due date, your doula will never ask you, “Have you had that baby yet???”

12. A doula has a rebozo and knows how to use it.

13. Your doula will tell you that you are beautiful even if you are wearing a hospital gown. She totally believes it too.

14. She will listen and relive all the details of your birth both in the moments right after delivery and in the weeks to follow. She will probably even still remember details years later.

15. Woman who have doulas reduce their odds of having a cesarean delivery.

16. Doulas are great for babies too! A doula reduces NICU admission and hospital stays for mom and baby.

17. Doulas know your birth experience matters.

18. Doulas help your partner support you.

19. Your doula can talk you through your options at every step of the way. They won’t ever make decisions for you but they will help you ask the questions so that you can make the best choices for your birth.

20. Doulas will support you no matter what happens!

*Curious about some of these statements about doulas? Many are backed by research. Check out Cochrane Review for more info.*

Maria Pokluda is a doula serving families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She got involved in birth through her own experience of researching infertility and then pregnancy and birth.  Maria is the co-creator and trainer of Birth Boot Camp DOULA.



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