My Doula Services: Birth & Postpartum

As your BIRTH doula, I offer the following:

First Meeting:  A face-to-face meeting providing information about my services allowing you (or you and your partner) to decide if we are a good match.  Since it is essential to know that you and your doula are a good fit for one another, this initial consultation is always offered free of charge.  If we are both confident about moving forward, we sign a contract and you provide two checks:  one is deposited immediately and the other held until the 38th week of your pregnancy.

Phone/e-mail/Text Support:  I am available to you throughout your pregnancy once we have signed your contract.  You are welcome to call, send an e-mail, or text to ask questions about your pregnancy or early labor, or just for emotional support.  I have many resources to draw from, including my own collection of birthing books and dvds.  I can also recommend the services provided by my colleagues in the Hudson Valley Birth Network — from acupuncture, to childbirth education, chiropractic, and more.

Prenatal Visit(s) – Two hour meeting in your home during which we discuss your hopes, desires, and any fears about labor and birth (if we agree it would be helpful, we can arrange for two prenatal visits).  We talk about what it is like to labor at home and at the hospital or birth center and discuss pain management techniques, coping skills, and positions for pushing.  We review when to call me and your midwife or doctor and discuss specific signs of labor and its progression so you feel more confident knowing when your labor has begun.

Labor, Birth, and up to Two Hours Postpartum:  As of your 38th week of pregnancy, I am considered “on-call” to you 24/7.  Should you have pre-term labor, every effort will be made for me to support your labor and birth.  If I am unavailable due to illness, birth doula support will be provided by a back-up doula colleague who you will have the opportunity to speak with in advance.

I remain with you at your home from the time active labor begins; follow you and your partner’s car to the birth center or hospital and stay with you after your birth to ensure that you and your baby have good skin-to-skin contact and a positive start to breastfeeding.

Postpartum Visit:  This final home visit offers an opportunity for us to see one another again and talk about your birth.  It is not mandatory, but can be a lovely time to recall how labor progressed, and help you remember how amazing you were!

Breastfeeding Support:  I can aide with initial latching-on after birth and provide breastfeeding support by phone pre- and post-birth.  I can also refer you to a lactation consultant, if needed.

As your POSTPARTUM doula I offer the following:

Four to six hours per day (your choice, based on your budget) of continuous support in your home after your return from the birth center or hospital.  I provide both mental and physical support (including breastfeeding), helping you adjust to the fascinating little person who is now the center of your universe!  My goal is to help new mothers avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed so you can find peace and joy in the transition to motherhood.  I can prepare light snacks for you, and make sure you are staying hydrated so you can focus all of your attention on feeding and getting to know your baby.

I help you understand how to better appreciate your “baby brain,” which is designed to change with the birth of your baby, and miraculously helps you adjust to new motherhood.  I support and reassure you and your partner that you don’t need to know everything and that there is no right or wrong way.   I’ll help you realize that YOU have the answers once you connect with your intuition and tune out others’ well-intentioned advice and instead focus on your baby’s signals, and your own intuitive answers.  I can also help guide you toward additional professional support if needed.

Please note that I provide up to six hours of daily postpartum support between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm (no overnights, general housekeeping, or family meal preparation) for a minimum of 5 days, which can be spread out to cover two weeks if preferred.

I welcome your questions.  Please contact me at or call/text 914.815.6723


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