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A Must-Have for Breastfeeding Mamas and Some Surprising Natural Remedies…

For many new mamas, nursing can lead to discomfort, soreness and dry, chapped skin.  The first thing I always recommend is to gently massage breast milk into those sore nipples.  It acts as a natural emollient.  I also recommend a treatment called Lansinoh lanolin cream.  Lansinoh is a medical-grade lanolin balm that soothes, protects, and heals cracked skin and sensitive nipples.  It is all-natural, safe, and non-toxic and does not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding.  And, it is the only nursing cream endorsed by La Leche League International.  All good stuff.

Sometimes, getting into a rhythm with your baby and figuring out how much milk you need to produce can lead to a brief overproduction, and sore, warm breasts that seem on the brink of an infection.  If you don’t yet have an infection but are uncomfortable, try this.  I know your eyebrows will go up at the thought of putting cabbage leaves in your bra, but just stay with me, because IT WORKS:  take a cabbage out of the produce drawer of your refridgerator and wash 5 or 6 large leaves.  Dry them with paper towel until they are damp but not dry.  Put the leaves inside your nursing bra wherever your are swollen and tender.  Another veggie drawer trick:  put a handful of carrots in a food processor and grind them up.  Take the mashed carrot pulp and put it inside your nursing bra, again, wherever the tender spots are.  Messy, but very effective.  I’ve heard various vegetables can work, but these two are winners in my book from experience.

Any comments?  Anyone tried these remedies and found them helpful?  Let me know!

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Eat and drink, laboring mamas…

Once again, I’m reminded how important it is for a laboring mama to be adequately hydrated and have enough energy reserves to get through active labor, transition, and pushing.  A very smart British mama I just worked with made sure she had plenty of sandwiches, energy bars, and Vitamin Water from home that she could eat whenever she needed to during her overnight labor, resulting in a very productive hour or so of pushing her lovely boy out into the world.

Eat, drink, and have healthy, happy labors, mamas.